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Hear It from My Clients

“I had several reflexology sessions with Claire and would highly recommend the experience to anyone. In fact, after only my first session, I recommended Claire to a family member who also had a session.

I didn’t know much about reflexology and had never had a session before, but was looking for something to help with anxiety. I found the whole experience to be very relaxing and beneficial, not only for my anxiety but also my way of thinking.

Claire is very knowledgeable about reflexology and also general wellbeing, so I took  away a lot of great ideas to make changes to help with my anxiety, which I have already started to put into effect. A great experience!” 


“Claire has a lovely way of making people feel at ease. I was initially a bit unsure about having someone touching my feet because I was worried that I would be ticklish! But it was a remarkably enjoyable experience and I immediately relaxed. Claire has a lovely gentle but firm comforting touch and she checks the pressure with you as you go along. I liked the fragrance she used. Claire is very professional and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend her!” 


“I found Claire’s details online, having not had reflexology before I was keen to find out all about it.

Claire is very easy going and has a very calming manner about her. We had a brief chat and then Claire got to work and talked me through some of the points on my feet which I found really interesting. We had a good balance of chat and relaxation. I came away feeling great and slept really well.

My main interest in Reflexology was for my son who has a diagnosis of High Functioning Autism (Also known as Asperger’s).

Claire and I discussed my son’s issues and Claire kindly agreed to see him. Well as you can image I was quite apprehensive. However I needn’t have been.  Within minutes of arriving my son had his feet up on the couch ready to go.

I noticed that Claire was mindful with regards to pressure and made sure he was comfortable.

Well I can safely say it was a great success. My son had an unusual calmness about him after his treatment and also slept really well.  He looked forward to his next session and was feeling spoilt having this treatment. I also benefited from a calmer child.

The whole experience has been great and I can’t thank Claire enough. Looking forward to further treatments.”


“I cannot recommend Claire highly enough. After being diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, Claire has helped to reduce my anxiety and also sleep better. After seeing Claire, I walk away with a feeling of calmness but energised at the same time. She is amazing”.



“Having no prior experience of a reflexology treatment, I was not too sure what to expect, but Claire helped me feel comfortable as soon as I walked into the room!

During the treatment she was very easy to talk to. We chatted about what was on my mind, she was kind, offered sensible advice and she made me feel relaxed throughout the session.

Afterwards I felt a sense of calm through my whole body and would definitely recommend it!”



“I have had several reflexology treatments with Claire, and every time, I feel deeply relaxed soon after it starts – so much so that I once fell asleep during a treatment! I also had a bad back pain from a pulled muscle which completely disappeared after the just one treatment”.

She has a way of putting you at ease, getting a feel for what needs attention and helping you achieve a deeply relaxed state during and after the treatment. I always leave feeling a lot lighter than when I arrived and with a more positive outlook”.

I would highly recommend her treatments to others looking for self care and relaxation. The results will speak for themselves!”



“A reflexology session can sometimes help me to gently release a bit of tension. Claire provides a truly relaxing and safe atmosphere to enjoy and benefit from the treatment.

The movement flow is gentle, subtle, soft, supportive and comforting. It’s like a declaration of TLC for my whole body and mind delivered through the feet!”



“From the first phone call I knew that Claire was someone who understood how I was feeling and seemed to know the way forward.

Meeting her confirmed that feeling. Her manner was calm and encouraging and she instantly put me at my ease. In such a secure, safe environment my worries and troubles came tumbling out during our relaxed, informal chats. Claire just seemed to know the right things to say to combat my fears and was very helpful in giving practical advice on small changes to make to promote a more positive attitude.

The therapy is healing to body and mind and as Claire works gently on my feet I become more relaxed and calm and leave with a greater sense of wellbeing. I can warmly recommend her.” 



“I booked to see Claire because I was having a difficult time with a mould allergy. It had been going on for many weeks and I just couldn’t shift it. 

When I arrived, I was in a terrible state, itchy, weepy eyes etc. During my first session Claire detected some blockages on the left side of my feet. My left eye was itching and weeping the worst. She gently asked if I was going through any issues with women in my life, I was. I have not shared my worries with anyone so I was internalising a lot of the stress.

As she gently massaged my feet, I felt a sense of calm and balance. The three sessions I had, have totally restored my equilibrium.

Claire is a natural. If you’re going through a difficult time. I recommend a visit.”



“Claire is professional, caring and very easy to talk to, but most importantly really passionate about what she does.

She made my daughter feel very relaxed during the treatment and explained the whole process throughout. My daughter’s wellbeing has certainly benefitted from her sessions and I wouldn’t hesitate in returning for further treatment. I highly recommend Reflexology and the benefits it provides.”



"My daughter came to Claire suffering from abdominal pain which was making her very anxious. The relaxing environment and therapeutic techniques calmed and relaxed her significantly.

Claire was also keen to ensure that her ministrations worked in harmony with the other treatment my daughter was undergoing.

It was an excellent experience  and one that I would thoroughly recommend."


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