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My Professional Background

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My previous field of study was initially in Human Nutrition and subsequently in Public Health. I have a BSc and MSc in Nutrition and a Masters in Public Health.

Working in the field of public health nutrition and public health for over 25 years, I have enjoyed a long and varied career; delivering, managing and commissioning health improvement programmes. 

I have worked in a number of organisations – the NHS, Government Office of the South East, Local Government and abroad.

During my working career I have sought to develop my skills in helping professionals and teams achieve a work life balance through managing their personal and workplace stress.

I have an OCR qualification in Stress Management and an Initial Counselling Skills qualification from Oxford University.

In my consultations I have incorporated motivational interviewing techniques and active listening skills which I have found very effective in helping people identify and achieve their health goals through sustainable behaviour change.

When I lived in Berkshire I was a regular volunteer reflexologist for the charity ‘My Cancer, my Choices’ which offers free complementary therapy treatments for people with cancer in Berkshire. For more information about the charity visit:

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